While it’s great to see Wal-Mart topping charts for charitable donations

and they do, as evidenced by USA Today’s handy graphs, what those graphs don’t do is break down how much is given by Wal-Mart corporate and how much is given by Wal-mart customers and staff. There are always paper flags waving around every one of those stores showing all the dollars customers are giving for good causes. Hands or hearts or colourful squares, autographed by every donor. Thousands of them, every day, across North America.

How many of those dollars are being matched by the head honchos? I would be willing to bet a cookie that the main reason Wal-Mart is a chart topper is because they’ve got the largest piece of the consumer pie as it is. And they are forever begging for money from their customers. And, credit to them, their customers are always willing to shill out a little more for a good cause. After all, it’s only a dollar.

Every single time they come into a store and buy something.

Wal-Mart counts those paper flags as sales, you know. You have to buy that paper before you’re allowed to write on it.

But don’t stop buying them, for goodness sake. It’s for a good cause, after all. It’s making a difference. For all I hate about Wal-Mart cornering markets, at least they’ve cornered the market on donation guilt in the process. You can’t walk through one of those stores and not be impressed by how much money has been raised for whatever is the charity of the week.

And if the vibrant displays don’t cow you into adding a buck or two to your purchase, the beady eyes of your cashier will help. She’ll be surrounded by the bloody things. She’s probably had to staple hundreds of them together, too, and climbed on the tills to hang them up because nobody else would be around to help her do it. And she will, for the most part, be willing to insist on getting more of them. She might even win a prize if she gets more papers signed than her competition.

It might be the highlight of her sad career if she wins.

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