This just in, naked ladies make beer interesting

It must suck to be in advertising sometimes, you know? You get this idea for an ad, pitch it to the people who pay for your service and can get either an ass whupping over it by the people who hate it before they buy it, or those folks on the street who hate it after it’s bought, paid for and plastered on billboards.

Just can’t please everyone, now, can you?

This from Austria, via an English version of a Croatian paper:

Brewers have boobed over a series of beer ads that show topless beauties clutching glasses of ale to their breasts to match their hair colour. The posters feature a curvy blonde, redhead and brunette to match the shades of beer made by brewers Hirter in Micheldorf, Austria. Now feminist leaders are demanding that advertising authorities should ban the ads as sexist. “There is no genuine connection between beer and naked women. The women have just been put there to sexualise beer. The advert is sexist against women,” said one. But brewery spokeswoman Caroline Kroepfl claimed: “The poster shows three self-confident beer drinkers.”

Yeah, okay, if I were in Austria, I wouldn’t be basing my choice of beer on my hair colour either, but sometimes an ad is just an ad. Mind you, I don’t know why the women aren’t dressed. What does exposed skin have to do with selling beer? Buy this beer for this woman and she’ll take her clothes off? Is that what a man’s mind is supposed to come up with when seeing this ad? What man can make that leap of faith without laughing his head off? I’m sure any women he asked wouldn’t be laughing.. well, not all of them anyway.

Nothing is said about where these ads have been placed, though. Are there a lot of rules in Austria about ads featuring alcohol near children, or were these being found in particular adult magazines that kids probably would never flip through unless a school project forced them to look for an article? Is this just sensitive women getting irate? Or is this really something worth getting one’s panties in a bunch over?

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3 Responses to This just in, naked ladies make beer interesting

  1. bla says:

    They are calling for censorship of an ad because they don’t like the content. What is so hard to get?

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Naked chicks liking your beer, I guess.

  3. George W. says:

    As a perverted old man, I believe I can speak for all of us when I say this will sell tons of beer. In fact: the only thing I enjoy more than beer is boobies.
    Besides, what does horseback riding have to do with smoking, Marlboro Man?
    What does a shirtless smart-ass have to do with cologne or body wash, Old Spice Dude?
    Maxwell House coffee still tastes like cat piss even though they “brew some good”.
    The key to advertising is creating a positive correlation between a product and a feeling.
    So from my examples:
    1. Smoking Marlboros is rugged and manly.
    2. Women are getting sick of Girly-men smelling like Dove body wash and hand cream.
    3.Wives who buy coffee like to feel justified in exploiting South American field workers.
    4. Feminists don’t buy a lot of beer. But guys who like boobies do.

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