Why wouldn’t a priest care that he’d drowned a baby?

This is one of the saddest stories I’ve come across lately. A lot of atheist bloggers have picked up on it already, but there’s no reason why I can’t express my own horror and regrets over it.

It happened in Moldova. The Sun (UK) has blurred the priest and baby right out of the picture, but it looks as if the actual video of the event is up on Youtube for reasons that I hope are all about raising awareness of the dangers of religion and the very young.

The baby’s dad Dumitru Gaidau, 36, said: “We all saw it, the priest didn’t put his hand over the baby’s mouth to stop water going in as he should have done and as they do at every other baptism.

“We couldn’t believe it that he just put his hand over his belly and over the head and submerged him three times in the water.”

The baby’s godmother Aliona Vacarciuc, 32, said: “The baby was crying as he went into the water.

“We couldn’t believe it but we thought the priest must know what he’s doing, but he didn’t. When we got him back there was nothing that could be done anymore.”

She said that she and the other godparents had challenged the priest and asked him: “What have you done.”

I wonder if he was thinking, “I guess I better finish this baptism so this child can go to heaven…”

He could get up to three years for manslaughter.

Doesn’t seem like enough, does it?

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