Well, I’d think coffee crapped out a cat’s bum is also unclean…

So I don’t blame Muslims for wondering if they should stop supporting the making of civit cat crap coffee. I don’t know how I missed this story in the first place. Preoccupied, I suppose. Better late than never, though.

Indonesia’s top Islamic body says it may forbid followers from drinking the world’s most expensive coffee — extracted from the dung of a civet cat — over concerns it is unclean.

Kopi Luwak is made from hard beans that have been eaten by the nocturnal critters and then fermented in their stomachs before being pooped out and roasted. It’s highly prized for its smooth flavour and bitterless aftertaste, sometimes fetching well over $440 per kilogram online.

Maruf Amien, acting head of the powerful Ulema Council, said a ruling on whether Muslims should be banned from drinking the brew could be made as early as Tuesday. He said the key issue is whether or not the coffee is clean.

“God willing it will be an easy decision,” said Amien. “If the farmers clean the beans before they are grinded, they are halal, or legitimate, and there won’t be a problem.”

Of course, if any of the owners and buyers of these crops are important Muslims, well, I suppose that’ll make it even easier to okay to continued use of this technique to get the best brew from poo…

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  1. Koinosuke says:

    If were a Muslim I would be pretty tired never getting the chance to make up my own mind. Maybe I want to try cat crap coffee. You never know.

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