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Fundamentally, skepticism is a moral and ethical position, not a specifically intellectual position. If you don’t actively cultivate the idea that it’s good to be wrong, that it’s good to be corrected, that it’s good to change your mind, then you’ll fall into mental habits that make changing your mind almost impossibly difficult. In much the same sense, we have to actively cultivate — at the individual, social and institutional levels — all the ideas that make civilization possible: cooperation, respect and concern for others’ well-being and mutual benefit; without this ethical and cognitive discipline, we risk falling back into low-level conflict to everyone’s detriment.

This is written in response to a very interesting article about information, misinformation, and why people – even when presented with retractions and corrected facts – will cling to the incorrect ideas so strongly. I’ll put together something regarding that same article tomorrow. There’s a Freethinker pub night tonight that I’m heading for later on. I’m on holiday for the rest of this week so I can actually enjoy the Beerdrinker part of the evening without having to head home early. Huzzah!

Um, look for it late tomorrow…

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