It’s Canada Day up Canada Way

and alas, some unseen force is stopping me from embedding the perfect Youtube video. No matter.

So yeah, a lot going on everywhere in the country today. No doubt some good times to be had here, too. The Saskatoon Jazz Festival is running all week and last night I went with a friend and her friend to hear two Canadian groups, Mobadass and Bedouin Soundclash, on the main stage down by the Bessborough Hotel. That was a pretty nice concert and just the kind of music I felt like listening to. It was not jazz, but more reggae and easy breezin’ fun music. I think I liked the Mobadass performance better, though. The lead guy of Bedouin Soundclash had a very cracked voice and it was hard to hear his singing. Good fun anyway. And my friend borrowed my camera later to get a picture with the Mobadass keyboardist on account of loving his hair. I’d make some derogatory comment like, “Tsk, Girls!” but I am one — just not that kind. I’m the mellow, quiet, seat-saver type who’s never going to be that forward in a bajillion, squillion years.

The night before, I heard a few tunes by The Budos Band over at Lydia’s Bar but left early on account of an approaching storm. Also, the place was packed and the noise level was several decibels past tolerable for my ears. Good music though, with great drums and trumpets.

Today, I’m debating on a few event things (plus a nap, but that’s a given given the late nights lately). I’m sure there are some Canada Day related things at one park or another. The free stages open around noon for more jazz stuff all day, and the concert I definitely wanted to attend this year is tonight at the Broadway Theatre: Bonobo. That’s not a jazz band either. At some point this city may have to rethink the name of this festival.

Have a great day today everybody, whether it’s a holiday or not.

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