I wish I had pictures of Saskatchewan flooding

But I’m not living where that was happening and not about to go on a road trip to an area where roads are now washed out.

Trans Canada Highway under water

The Globe and Mail has a nice (if you can call it that) aerial photo of the highway near Maple Creek.

Trans Canada damage

The Vancouver Sun has an aerial view of the damage itself. It’ll be a big job to fix, that’s for damn sure.

And hey, here’s a video of the damage in action:

I feel for the folks in the stricken areas and all those basements under water. They’re hoping for some government aid after this but who knows how that’ll go over.

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2 Responses to I wish I had pictures of Saskatchewan flooding

  1. Brady Mason says:

    This reminds me of the Manitoba flooding last year around the same time.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Yeah, the rivers seem to hop their banks there pretty regularly. It’s odd for Saskatchewan I think, though. Some fields out by Elrose/Rosetown were flooded after 7 or so inches of rain fell a few weeks ago. Mom took a photo of one field that looked like a square, shallow lake. It was awful looking.

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