Weariness: “it’s when your soul is tired”

I’d like to see the scientific proof that backs that one up. Alas, none exists. That doesn’t stop columnist Leon Fontaine from claiming such a thing in order to shill his theories on the importance of letting God fix it, though.

weariness isn’t a condition of the body. It’s when your soul is tired.

Weary people have an empty depthless look in their eyes and a discouragement with life that penetrates to their very core. Their condition doesn’t come from over-expending energy or having a stimulating life. It comes from faulty beliefs.

More likely it comes from a chemical imbalance in the brain, or simply from the sudden realization that the wants far surpass the capacity to get.

Weariness sets in when you believe your life will never get any better, that your marriage is doomed, or that you’ll always be destitute.

Some people have very high expectations that can’t be met, no matter who they marry or how much money they have. Other people make really really bad choices when it comes to that kind of thing. Maybe what they need is marriage counseling, or better skill at budgeting. And I suspect most people would be far more satisfied with less if they could get over the feeling that more has to be had all the damn time.

I’d gotten a student loan for university. The folks helped a bit and what I made over the summers would have helped more too if I’d spent the money on classes instead of a stereo, or whatever. After grad, it took nine years to get out from under it. It would have been sooner had I been smarter with the money I was making with my two jobs but so it is with a lot of things.

Wal-Mart mentally and physically drained me. I was weary. I went through years worth of weary. While I’d never state that I believe souls even exist, after a while it felt like a little part of me died every night I had to spend cleaning up after people in the fashion departments. It became my hell on earth. Why didn’t I quit? Because my student loan needed paying off, and after that was done I was still broke. Could I have gotten a different job? Maybe, but then I would have had to give up all my hours at the library, too, and that was my favourite part of making money (piddly sum that it was).

I was very fortunate that I managed to get hired by the library shortly after I started at Wal-Mart because it’s the library that saved my sanity. At first, I only had eleven hours of work a week there, but I was able to apply for more as other people moved around or left and got up to 27, including Saturdays and Sundays. Joy of joys. I got to a point with Wal-Mart where every part of me hated the walk from the bus stop to that building. It would sour my whole day knowing I had a shift there that night, and I felt no remorse skipping any of them. None whatsoever. I was WEARY.

The best way to overcome weariness is to share your burden with God and have faith that He will meet your needs and help you achieve an amazing life.

The best way to overcome weariness is to jump at the opportunity to change something – change anything. A full time term opened up in a different department at the library; I took a chance applying for it and got it. That was a happy day. It was an even happier day when I got to give my resignation letter to Wal-Mart and walked away from it for good.

If you can’t change your job, maybe change what you do with the rest of your time. Find some fun. Find something you like that gives you that boost of “happy to be here.” Yeah, I suppose taking the god route is the way some people can get that feeling, but we don’t all have to do it that way. I never bothered. I was happy to be at the library. It didn’t matter how many books were out of place, or on tables, or chopped up for someone’s art project. It didn’t matter if dead birds got shoved through the book deposit drop, or condoms were found in place of bookmarks. I was happy there. I am happy to be there. It doesn’t even matter how much work is still sitting undone over there, I like being there.

People need to like being wherever they are. If that place is church, fine. If it’s a park, or a zoo, or helping the elderly, or shopping (assuming they can afford it), fine. Bottom line, you need to like being where you are. If you don’t, then what on earth are you doing there?

Accept God’s grace and power in your life. Once you accept Jesus into your heart, you can receive the grace and power of God.

This is not a necessary step for everyone. People in need of money do not need to join a club where they’ll be encouraged to give what little they have away. People who need friends don’t need people who will befriend them only because there’s some heavenly reward for reaching out. People lacking direction should be wary of people with ulterior motives who claim they can help with that, “if” or “but…”. Religion is not always going to be the answer to problems, no matter how sincere the propaganda may seem.

Don’t allow guilt to wear you down. Weariness is often a result of constant guilt.

There are two ways guilt can get to us; when we say no yet feel like we should say yes, and when we’ve said yes but know we should have said no. Freedom from guilt is knowing the difference and following through. Quit agreeing to do more than you can handle. On the flip side, don’t be too selfish. Cooperation and compromise have to keep in some kind of balance. Not just because it’s fair, but because it ought to. We ought to have to give up some things to make room for other people in our lives but we should never give our lives over to other people completely and it is beyond unkind for people to expect it.

You have the power to overcome weariness. To turn off weariness, you need to believe that God will give you the strength.

You don’t need to believe some god can strengthen you before you do anything different. I didn’t need it. I didn’t have to turn to some religion in order to get a better chance at a good and happy life. I took a chance on a different kind of change and it worked out great. Yeah, okay, I’m not married, I don’t have kids, I’m without a lot of the stresses a lot of other people have regarding loans and mortgages and whatever. But really, a change doesn’t have to be a big thing yet it can still make a big difference in how much joy you feel when you get up in the morning, and how much joy you give others.

Changing one little thing can help a lot but you are the one who has to decide what needs changing and when that change needs to be done. Don’t think for a second that you have to follow Leon Fontaine’s advice. Don’t think for a second that I can claim my way is better. All I can claim is it worked better for me, and might do the same for you.

But you are the one who has to decide. Nobody can do that for you.

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5 Responses to Weariness: “it’s when your soul is tired”

  1. Radio Marshall says:

    I enjoyed reading your post and it has helped me to better understand my situation. Thank you.

    PS. I typed soul+tired in to google.co.uk and this page was the top result.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’m glad you got something out of it. I wish all my posts could be this well thought out and potentially useful. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Chris says:

    I wasn’t expecting an anti-religious underpinning (I’m agnostic) to this article when I Googled, but nonetheless the article was VERY helpful and even uplifting.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. james says:

    if you are atheist why do you pay so much attention to what religious people are doing.. you “don’t believe in it” ..so when you attack it, you just come off as bitter and ridiculous

    “oh let me knock this Christian before i write my article”

    and why do you people only attack Christians? you don’t believe in any sort of religious teaching or paranormal occurence correct?

    so why don’t i see you waving your proverbial picket signs at movie theaters when another horror comes out?

    at the end of the day God is real

  5. 1minionsopinion says:

    In response to james, I only pay attention in terms of what’s going to fit for the theme of the blog. When I was writing more often I aimed to steer clear of the really meaty political issues that divide cultures and countries. I’m just not the writer or scholar that could argue the case best. I might report on news and give my opinion since this is “1 Minion’s Opinion” after all, but that’s usually good enough.

    Mostly I try to find the silly Jesus sightings or point to moments where I can remind readers of a humanist version of morality and ethics that works as well as anything a faith may have tried to foster (and perhaps failed to provide).

    I think people who want to be Christian can believe whatever they want that they think makes them Christian. Go ahead. Whatever. I just fall into the camp that thinks it should be an individual’s choice and not forced into schools or secular governments in the form of prayer and other things. They should stay out of other people’s bedrooms and families. Homosexuality isn’t a sin and abortion should be a legal choice. I see them both as issues that affect people on an individual level.

    I comment on Christianity mostly because it’s what I’m around most. I grew up around it. I didn’t have any friends who were Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or Sikh or whatever. Just many flavours of Christian and me, the atheist. You write what you know. You know? I know it’s bad form to mock a person. Challenge the ideas instead. Hard to remember to do sometimes. Sometimes they’re just so darn silly…

    I won’t picket horror movies because the Cult of Cthulhu hasn’t tried to convert me yet.

    I don’t picket churches either. Believe in God if it’s the only way you think you can live and be a good person. I just happen to be on the side that says goodness comes from the self, not some ethereal source and I don’t need the threat of hell to volunteer my time and money to a good cause. The good is good enough reason.

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