Holy Cross/Job Loss update

I wrote about her last September and Barry Duke at The Freethinker has an update about Nurse Shirley Chaplin and her case against the hospital that requested she remove her pointy jewelry. He also includes the link to the Christian Legal Centre which asks for prayers to be said for Nurse Chaplin. From them:

In their letter the bishops criticised the way in which Mrs Chaplin had been treated and stated that she should not be prevented from expressing her faith by wearing her cross.

“This is yet another case in which the religious rights of the Christian Community are being treated with disrespect” they say.

“To be asked by an employer to remove or ‘hide’ the cross is asking the Christian to hide their faith”

The bishops said that it was “deeply disturbing” that the NHS’s uniform policy permits exemptions for religious clothing, but appears to regard the cross as “just an item of jewellery”.

She’s a nurse, not a nun, and it is just a piece of jewelry – a tacky and disturbing one at that. She could do her job without ever mentioning or advertising her religious faith so her faith should be a non-issue from a work perspective. It’s not a job requirement. The tribunal sided with the hospital on this, so of course she’s planning to appeal their ruling. I doubt she’ll succeed, but time will tell.

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