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From Religion Dispatches:

The institutionalization of sexual abuse as a matter of course permeates the organization of the church. After all, the Vatican is the biggest don’t-ask-don’t-tell outfit in the world.

Even more sinister, the Vatican could very well be considered the largest pedophile and sexual abuse ring running on Earth. Interpol, are you listening? Pay attention. The bishops of Ireland moved pedophiles to America to get rid of them. If that’s not a sex ring, I don’t know what is.

and this:

The only thing that is going to bring this Pope to repentance and change are relentless reporters who will uncover his secrets. It is time to start thinking about the Catholic Church as not just a church, but as an organization that has been allowed to institutionalize rape and sexual abuse on a global scale, while attempting to hold its members hostage to its distorted views of sexuality and celibacy.

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