Polish film “Mall girls” sparks debates over morals and consumerism

The New York Times has an article about the film by Katarzyna Roslaniec and the teenage girls tarting around the shops looking for sugar daddies, or whatever they’d be called in Polish. She got to know some of these girls and used their lifestyle as the basis for her fictional movie. It premiered in the fall and shocked conservative Catholic audiences.

The film that started the discussion tells the story of four teenage girls who turn tricks in the restrooms of shopping malls to support their clothing addiction. It has attained such cult status that parents across the country say they are confiscating DVDs of the film for fear it provides a lurid instruction manual.

The revelation that Catholic girls, some from middle-class families, are prostituting themselves for a Chanel scarf or an expensive sushi dinner is causing many here to question whether materialism is polluting the nation’s soul.

It’s a backlash rebellion to uptight Catholic upbringing, too, I’m sure. It’s the dark underbelly of entrepreneurship, what these girls do. As far as they’re concerned, they’re trading for goods with the only assets available – themselves.

Marcin Drewniak, who counsels teenagers in Krakow, noted that malls had become the new community centers in Poland, providing teens with both refuge and temptation. “They can try on clothes and perfume without having to spend any money,” he said. “The mall has become a sort of fairy-tale land. All this would have been unimaginable during Communism.”

He said the typical mall girl was between 14 and 16 and came from a family with a single parent. They often abused drugs or alcohol, and sold their bodies in a search for self-esteem.

Many teens here said that mall girls were to be pitied, not emulated.

They want to be cool; they want to be popular. They want to have pretty things and be admired because they have pretty things. The desire for material things isn’t the only problem here, mind you. The guys trolling for underage girls wouldn’t have to enable them, but they do. Why? Is the desire for sex with minors too strong to fight or something? Apparently that’s an angle nobody’s focusing on, though. Why blame the guys…

edit 2:53pm haha..forgot the link…. Serves me right for not paying attention…

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