The Honesty Project: am I really a bad person?

Godlessgirl is suggesting bloggers do a series of blogposts (or tweets etc) being completely and totally honest. We’re supposed to do this for a whole week. What fun for readers, eh?

Yesterday on Twitter I complained about the gossip at work, primarily because I’m so seldom included when the whispering goes on. Let’s face it, everyone has that drive to belong, even if belonging means having to talk smack about someone else once in a while.

Yes, I’m fully aware of how sour a workplace can get if half the room always seems to huddle around complaining about the other half. But get a small group that’s worked together for more than a decade and there will be people and habits of people that other people just can’t stand. And because there seems to be some unwritten rule that states “do not confront the person you have a problem with,” nearly everyone gets belittled and badmouthed when they aren’t in hearing distance. And since I haven’t been there a fraction of the time they all have, I don’t even know the stories and memories that colour perceptions of these coworkers. And while part of me gets irate at not getting to hear what’s being bitched about, another part of me wonders if anyone ever corners up to complain about lil’ ole me.

(That said, I’m well and goodly tired of one woman replying with “Exactly!” no matter what is said or asked of her. If only she’d mix it up a little – precisely, exactamundo, you betcher boots! – anything except “ExAaaactleee! ExAaaacteeee! every five minutes…. If I had a nickel for every time she said it, I could fly first class to Aruba.)

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