Saskatoon Mayor to God up a Prayer breakfast

My Freethinker group has contacted the media about this to complain about it. Apparently he’s been doing these things for a while. Shows what I know, don’t it?

Anyway, one of our members wrote a letter to the Star Phoenix and is suggesting other concerned folks in the city write to the mayor, or the paper. A mayor shouldn’t use his position to raise the position of one particular religious group over everybody else. This is the letter she suggests we could personalize:

As a resident of Saskatoon, I would like to express my objection to the “Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast” that will take place on Saturday, March 13, 2010. I find it troubling that Mayor Atchison, an elected official, is willing to use his civic title and position to promote a particular religious ideology while also appearing to turn a profit in ticket sales. The invited speakers and performers for the prayer breakfast appear to represent a very specific evangelical Christian ideology, which undermines the mayor’s credibility and impartiality as a public official who has a duty to represent all citizens of Saskatoon. Perhaps the Mayor’s efforts would be better directed in finding ways to benefit all Saskatoon residents, rather than only those who believe in his particular religious point of view. I hope that the Mayor and council will refrain from holding the prayer breakfast in the future.

Keep your edits kid-friendly though, peeps. The point is to make a point, not fuckbomb their inboxes.

Send the note to City Council or even the Star Phoenix. It’s too late to kill it this year, but let’s show those in charge that the whole damn town doesn’t think the same way Atchison does.

Oh, and next time city elections come around, how’s about voting, eh? I think our vote stats were pretty grim last year. I know I forgot…

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4 Responses to Saskatoon Mayor to God up a Prayer breakfast

  1. saskatoonboy says:

    I am a free thinker and I credit my free thinking to my faith in God. I have a read for you.

    In 1883 a group of 35 Methodists from the city of Toronto made their way to a place called Mis-sask-quah-toominain. For 600 years Mis-sask-quah-toominain was occupied by Cree Indians. The group of Methodist Christians made their way here in hopes to escape the crazy liqueur trade and settle in a dry community. This group of Methodist Christians was led by a man named John Lake who is now known as the founder of what is now called Saskatoon.
    Methodism is a movement of Protestant Christianity. This fact shows that the city of Saskatoon was founded and originated by a group of Protestant Christians in 1883. We talk about preserving our heritage, and we talk about preserving old infrastructure and buildings which represent our past. The one thing that is the most important to our heritage, and defines the heritage of Saskatoon in which our principals, laws, and morals are all based off of is our Christian roots. Our buildings may crumble, and our infrastructure may become old and frail, but the part of our heritage that should matter to all Saskatoonians the most is the origin of our heritage.
    We must look back to the days where you saw “Merry Christmas” signs around Saskatoon during the Christmas season. We must also look back to before 1963 (when the study of evolution was introduced to North America). Those were the days when the Bible was used as a text book. Now we are close to the times that our public schools Christmas concerts have almost nothing to do with Christmas. The base of Saskatoon’s heritage is being squeezed out bit by bit. If we keep letting this proceed I’m afraid that our heritage will become a thing of the past, and along with that our principals, laws, and morals could just as easily become a thing of the past. I truly hope to not only put a stop to the attacks on our heritage, but I hope to see our heritage make a come back in our great city of Saskatoon.
    I truly hope to see the true meaning of Christmas once again be portrayed in the city of Saskatoon during the Christmas season. It is only the Christians that truly know the actual meaning of Christmas. We can say Christmas is all about friends and family all we want (which is part of the meaning of Christmas), but when it comes to asking the question “what is the origin of Christmas?”. It is only the people that believe in the birth of Jesus that can accurately answer that. With out celebrating the birth of Jesus during the Christmas season than meaning of Christmas is flat out empty. The people that don’t believe in the birth of Jesus are celebrating and they don’t even know why or where it comes from. When it comes to giving and receiving gifts during the Christmas season most people don’t even know where the idea comes from. The truth about the Christmas gift is that the three wise-men each brought gifts to Jesus when they visited him after He was born. Once again it is only the Christians that can give a clear answer on why we celebrate on December 25th.
    Many different religions and cultures have moved in to our great city of Saskatoon, and believe me they are more than welcomed with open arms by our Christian culture. They moved into our place, and we feel obligated to not offend anyone so we take down our “Merry Christmas” signs, and make our own heritage obsolete in any way possible to accommodate all faiths and religions. These people moved here because we have such a great country and city, and it is our heritage that made it such great country and city. If we let go of our heritage than we let go of all reasons why our city and country were great in the first place. What if we are not doing anyone any favors by trying to accommodate everyone. I am led to believe that it is our heritage that is what attracts people from all nations to our great city. Once we let go of our heritage than we have no rock to stand on and no solid foundation to look to as a city. People say that we need to get with the times, but it is not us that need to get with the times, rather it is the times that need to get back to our heritage. It is when I hear the words “Merry Christmas” 100 times out of hearing “Happy Holidays” once during the Christmas season when I know that it is simply just an illusion that the words “Merry Christmas” are offensive to people. When I hear a middle east man with a thick accent wearing a turban on his head say “Merry Christmas” to me I definitely know that to have “Merry Christmas” signs up again would be perfectly fine even to people of other faiths.
    As we are a Christian culture based from Christian founders we need to stand firm for what our city was founded on. We can not allow to many freedoms because when you allow too many freedoms than society becomes one big trap. If everything is offensive to everyone than nobody can do anything. We really do need to bring out our heritage once again before it’s snuffed out completely.
    Vote Jason For Saskatoon Mayor 2012

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Maybe you need to start a VoteforJason blog or something and put all that stuff in there instead of commenting here. I don’t have a lot of readers.

  3. john friesen says:

    U should be ashamed of your selves I have heard prayers in public places before using jesus name it didn’t offend me that idiot who is making this big stink shoul go back to the country he came from and see wut they do to their women now THAT is a human rights issue just SHUT UP IDIOT WE DON’T LIKE YOUR KIND OF PEOPLE ANYWAY

  4. Friesen, you talk tough behind a keyboard, but you’d be hiding behind your sister’s skirt in person.

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