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Or at least someone sympathetic. Colleen Carroll Campbell writes about the story of the lesbian women whose kid got booted from a Catholic preschool on account of their lifestyle, and the “what would Jesus do?” mentality in regards to this story.

The solution, he would say, is simple: Drop the doctrine and focus on feelings.

At least, that’s what the Jesus of our contemporary imagination would say. He has a habit of endorsing what we wanted to do anyway, especially when it comes to sex. And unlike that intense and unsettling figure in the Bible — the one who talked about marriage as the union of a man and a woman for life — this Jesus never talks about tough choices or objective truth. He’s all about hugs, rainbows and doing what feels right — a sort of human Hallmark card in Birkenstocks.

That is how people like to paint the dude, isn’t it? She also includes Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput’s thoughts about people who are divorced, or single with kids, different faith, or no faith at all and what happens when any of those parents agree to let their kids pass through the doors of a Catholic school.

“These students are always welcome so long as their parents support the Catholic mission of the school and do not offer a serious counter-witness to that mission in their actions…

Like actually complaining about how backwards it is to insist the only parental relationship allowed is the one Jesus approved of.

If parents don’t respect the beliefs of the Church, or live in a manner that openly rejects those beliefs, then partnering with those parents becomes very difficult, if not impossible.”

That’s because you lot are so damned backwards, and so concerned with the so-called Catholic identity, that you can’t make allowances for the fact that Catholics are too damned backwards to have any say in what goes on in the world at large. And yet they think they deserve one.

Of course, Campbell takes the preschool’s side.

For those who want their children to learn a more robust and countercultural form of Catholic Christianity, the Boulder decision was a necessary step toward reconciling belief and practice, even in the hard cases.

Counterculture is right. It’s also counter sense. We need to move forward. Sure, we as a society are going to make some stupid choices and some wrong moves, but it’s also a worse move to think being a stick-in-the-mud over sticky ethical issues is going to be the way to fix things. When has that ever been the way to fix anything?

Everything that deserves to exist earns it by being able to change and adapt with the times. The Catholic church does not appear willing to do that.

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