With a name like Jesus One Touch, is incest really that far from the mind?

That’s apparently what Jesus Blood Ministry founder Nana Kofi Yirenkyi’s name translates into and he’s in court in Ghana for getting it on with his own ten-year-old daughter. The prosecutor

said the mother of the victim and the accused person, who are both natives of Dawu in the Akuapim area in the Eastern Region, were lovers, thus the little girl was born out of wedlock.

According to him, the victim was living with her mother in the Eastern Region but her father later brought her to live with him in 2005.

The prosecutor stated that between 2005 and 2009, Jesus One Touch started having an affair with his daughter, adding that the victim revealed that after sleeping with her the accused would wipe his sperms from her private parts with a white handkerchief.

The police officer said the girl made the revelation once her mother questioned her on who might have fingered or had carnal knowledge of her after she noticed some changes in the girl.

Prophet Nana has quite a story about how some bearded man appeared to him and changed his life. He’s also like a father to a lot of homeless kids and orphans (leading me to obvious musings) and his followers claim he’s performed many miraculous healings and two magical car tricks.

There’s no testimony from anyone they claim he healed, though. I wonder why. But no doubt he can take comfort in his own inspirational words because this God can totally erase the fact that he thought with his penis.

Your miracles might not come this morning because God knows the times of today, he knows it must come in the afternoon or evening. All because he knows the right and appropriate time for you and that man is our Lord and Master Jesus Christ . He is really by your side and cares for you.

Cares enough to make sure the guy gets prison time, I hope. And if Jesus can’t even manage that, what will people likely say? Not that God doesn’t exist, but that Jesus One Touch performed yet another miracle.

Yes, religion helps keep people stupid.

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