Nobody wants to pay to see Jesus watching you pee…

An eBay seller’s down in the dumps these days because his special bathroom door with the image of Christ on it failed to interest any buyers.

“There has to be a good light on the door to fully appreciate the face. Indeed, it does look like the face of Jesus. In no way at all did I make this image on the door.”

Images of deities on ordinary objects have sold for small fortunes on eBay – but not this time.

Comments from eBay users ranged from “it looks like an owl” to “is it a priest?”

And the auction ended with not a single bid beyond the seller’s opening asking price of 99 US cents.

Looks like the Jesus Miracle Toast is in similar trouble, but at least it has one bidder. Nobody wants that crap. Hardly anyone’s bidding on Jesus art or jewelry either.

Is it the fault of the available merchandise or has eBay lost its charm? eBay has seen profits drop a little but perhaps their lack of buyers has more to do with the current economic climate than anything they’ve done differently. I’ve never used it to buy or sell anything. I prefer cluttered flea markets where I can see, barter, buy and take home that very day.

Like a boxed up Jesus doll for some lucky girl or boy:

Buy Jesus

And no, I did not buy him. But I was really curious to know if he was anatomically correct or wearing underpants.

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