Venezuela prays to God, like he can fix an energy crisis

It would technically be God’s fault in the first place, too, but do they blame him? No.

Edelca, one of the country’s state power companies, called on its workers to attend a prayer meeting this week titled: “Clamor to God for the National Electricity Sector.” The invitation, which includes a quote from the Bible, was sent to all the company’s employees Monday in a letter signed by Edelca’s president, Igor Gavidia Leon.

Hugo Chavez, the country’s president, has thought of something that might work a little better – turn off some city lights and ration everyone else. While his opponents want to blame him for not anticipating future need, Chavez figures that El Nino current has something to do with their month-long drought; it’s put a strain on their ability to produce that dam power.

I think it’s worth noting that the Associated Press thought the silly prayer letter was newsworthy. I like it, because it gives me something silly to write about, but really. Why point to the letter and then use the rest of the article to explain Chavez and his cutback plans? Why include the letter at all? Unless the desire was to subtly mock the ones who wrote it, I don’t see a reason to mention it at all. Although, I guess it points to the fact that people are figuratively and literally powerless and right now the only hope of seeing light is to think some god can bring it.

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