When helping Haitian children hurts – 10 child traffickers caught

Although they wouldn’t call themselves traffickers – they’d call themselves Good Christians.

“God wanted us to come here to help children, we are convinced of that,” Laura Silsby, one of 10 Americans accused of trafficking Haitian children, said Monday through the bars of a jail cell here. “Our hearts were in the right place.”

But brains obviously weren’t. They were detained at the Dominican border with 33 kids in their possession – some of which were not, in fact, orphans.

Although Ms. Silsby said the group did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site said they would “strive” to “provide opportunities for adoption through partnership with New Life Adoption Foundation,” which subsidizes adoptions “for loving Christian parents who would otherwise not be able to afford to adopt.”

The status of New Life Adoption Foundation was not immediately clear. The group is not registered as an adoption agency in Idaho and does not appear to be registered as a federal nonprofit. The group also did not appear on a list of accredited international adoption agencies on the Web site of the State Department.

So basically they think having the right god on their side is all they need and they can do whatever the hell they want, wherever they happen to be. I’m glad they got caught and I hope sitting in a Haitian prison for a while will finally teach them that having god isn’t good enough to get around the laws of another country, no matter how good the intentions.

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