Haiti orphans are a blessing from God?

First, I have to say I’m glad groups are looking to place these poor kids with loving families in the United States and Canada. What bothers me is the insistence on thinking this so-called God did a good thing by allowing the earthquake to decimate everything just so lonely desperate Canadians can finally have a child.

Haiti allowed the fast-tracking of the adoptions, which meant some parents who had only been processing their applications for two months are now eligible to get children.

“This is a blessing from God,” Bickel said. “The earthquake was a terrible disaster, but something good has come out of this.”

A process that normally takes two years got a break in Haiti on account of everything falling over, including the government agencies that hold up the paperwork. Rather than wait an additional two years to get things sorted out again, they just got on with it. Fine and dandy.

Bickel normally places 70 to 80 children a year in Canada and the United States. Last Thursday, she transported 81 kids to the U.S., flew back on Monday, and Wednesday will deliver the 20 to parents waiting at the Ottawa airport who have come from British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

And more are on their way. I’m glad the kids are getting a second chance. I think the cold and snow will be somewhat alarming for the first bit but they’ll get used to it. No doubt the parents-to-be have gone prepared with coats and good boots to keep them safe and warm.

I think the blogger at My Sister’s Farmhouse feels the same way I do about this. She quotes from a Kansas paper about a pastor who got four children from Haiti:

In the past, Tim and Alecia O’Byrne had thought other disasters would prove a vessel to carry their children home. None had done so yet. But Tim, thinking about the Book of James, said of the earthquake, “There are no accidents.”

What a way to look at it. Hey, thanks God for laying waste to an entire country (even if it wasn’t your “fault” but a “message” you couldn’t just write down somewhere), just so I could get what I want. Ain’t God swell?

At least the article out of Billings Montana about a family glad to add to their family has no religious pepper in their sweet story.

Adoption is nothing new for the Marble family, which includes eight other children, ranging from 4 to 17 years old. Five of them — a quartet of Ukrainian siblings and a young boy from Russia — are adopted. John Marble, who runs the volleyball program at Dawson Community College in Glendive, said the family has made a point to adopt harder-to-place kids who are past infant and toddler ages.

“It’s great to see their smiles,” he said of the Haitian girls. “This is some stability for them now.”

The girls were immediately surrounded by their new brothers and sisters. Florencia was quick to warm up to them and flashed a wide, easy grin while listening attentively to the other kids as they helped put on her new coat before pulling her outside for her first taste of the Montana winter.

I hope they all find happiness in a new land and soon feel at home.

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