Flyer Friday – the “for lack of better ideas” edition

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but since I’m procrastinating a serious clean of my living room, why not?

When I opened my Zellers credit bill (I owe nothing! Hooray!) a pile of refuse dropped out of the envelope along with it.

I could buy a brand new “As Seen On (someone else’s) TV” product: the Abdoer TWIT TWIST! If you dare take a look, you’ll see something resembling a clown torture kit, or perhaps a Halloween inspired lawn ornament. I can’t imagine anyone who is serious enough about fitness blowing $199.98 (plus $39.99 shipping and handling) on something like this.

Zellers and HBC offers pet insurance now. I wonder if they’d cover hamsters, toads or goldfish. Sadly no. Felines and canines only – animals that would get a trip to a vet, not a flush down a toilet or shoebox resting place.

No pets? No problem. They also offer health and dental for humans, too. It seems so odd that stores and credit companies offer insurance like that. It falls under Manulife Insurance, which is also what Walmart was using for its staff when I was there.

Memorex is still peddling their record recorder, assuming anyone would want a CD complete with the scratches and skips from the original vinyl version for the great low price of $299.94. It also has a port for MP3 players and can record cassettes. I’d almost consider buying this, on account of having some cassettes around with stuff I snagged off the radio, and I think I also have a tape around somewhere that my cousin made when he was 12 or so that was a spoof Bob and Doug McKenzie. That would be amusing to give back to him some time.

They’re also offering the experience of “exotic genuine jade” with a $40 bracelet and free earrings to match. It looks like the 49 dollar bracelet (retail $189) at Oriental Jade Jewelry:

Kind of pretty, actually. But I don’t buy that kind of stuff. I see that the last piece of junk is offering me a free ring if I’m lucky enough to scratch the metallic stuff off the paper and reveal my prize…sheesh, they must be desperate to unload them if they want to give me three, and all I have to pay is $20.97 to ship them…$6.99 each for shipping and handling. Why not throw all three in a baggie and mail them in an envelope? They’d be thin enough to fit though any mail slot. They claim each ring has a $49.00 value … oh, but you also have to enroll in the “corresponding collection programme” at the same time. Makes it sound like it’s policed by mob enforcers if the shipping bill gets delayed by a day or whatever. I think I’ll pass…

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  1. 1minionsopinion says:

    When I first started blogging I was doing them weekly but it got obvious that the junk rarely surprises. heh.

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