First topical post in a whole week.

Christmas is officially finished. The tree is down, the music is packed away, and the folks have dropped me off at home and left again. It’s something of a relief to have it done for the year.

For the past week I’ve been living in dial-up land and every post since Tuesday last was scheduled ahead of time, hence the complete lack of “here’s tonight’s top story” posts like I’d usually have. I never found out the Pope got pounced upon until yesterday morning, as it happens. Internet was too slow and I don’t usually watch TV news, but I did get to see the video of the knock down, at least.

Shortly after the attack, it emerged that Miss Maiolo had tried to carry out the same stunt 12 months earlier, but had been stopped by protection officers.

The Italian-Swiss national was described by the Vatican as “unbalanced” and was taken to hospital for psychological treatment after being arrested.

Security for the pontiff has been ramped up in recent years, particularly since the September 11 attacks in the US.

In 1981, Pope John Paul II was almost killed after being shot by Turk Mehmet Ali Agca as he toured St Peter’s Square.

The Pope is protected by the Swiss Guards, who act as bodyguards and ceremonial guards.

And what about those fancy-dressed boys? How are they feeling in the aftermath of a colossal whoopsie? Are they still employed?

A senior Vatican source at the service who asked not to be named, said:”The fact this woman is known and was still able to get through security is very, very serious.

”All the people who were inside St Peter’s had invitations and so would have had to be checked and give their names. This woman was able to get through these checks as well as the airport style metal detectors.

”The Pope’s guards were able to drag her away but the sense of shock in the Basilica was amazing – there was a huge gasp, no-one could believe what was happening.

”We are talking about a frail 82 year old man being knocked to the ground – it could be anyone’s grandfather and if this lady was known and did this last year then this is a major security breach.”

It must really suck to be that popular. I find it interesting that she’s tried this twice. I wonder what her motive was – hating the pope, having some voice in her head telling her to hurt him, having some voice telling her to hug him, what? Who knows…

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