Swift Current’s casino in the news!

And not because someone won big. Oh no. It’s because the casino gambled with its banking system and lost. A lot:

The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority lost more than $1 million from its casino banking machine system partly because of lax supervision, the provincial auditor says.

In Provincial Auditor Fred Wendel’s latest report, released Tuesday, he looked at the finances of a long list of agencies, including SIGA.

In particular, he examined a loss of $1.2 million in casino cash from the Bear Claw Casino near Carlyle and the Living Sky Casino in Swift Current.

Wendel told reporters how the system was supposed to work: privately owned automated teller machines were loaded with casino cash, and as customers withdrew money, the ATM company was supposed to replenish SIGA’s bank account.

Instead, a “switch provider” — a company that does money transfers — failed to get all the money to SIGA’s account. According to Wendel’s report, “SIGA told us that a shareholder of the ATM supplier was able to get the switch provider to divert money due to SIGA to other bank accounts.”

Where the $1.2 million was sent was not disclosed.

I was going to laugh, but SIGA’s “casino cash” for those machines comes out of the pockets of the gamblers in some manner, so really it’s the gamblers bilked out of their own money twice.

In the few times I’ve gone to casinos (including Swift Current’s) I take forty or sixty bucks cash with me and that’s it. No credit card comes along for the ride, and the debit card also sits at home sulking. So once my cash is gone, it’s gone and I’m done. But I tend to have good enough luck with the machines to win most of what I bring back. I really don’t see the point in playing, frankly. You may as well toss your hundred dollars to the wind and let whoever finds it benefit from a very literal windfall.

I wonder how far the wind took that $1.2 million…

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