The One Minion Search Party vol. 29

Ooh, it has been a long time since I did one of these, but I saw this search result listed this morning and felt the urge:

why are fat people always get take away

When I used to do Weight Watchers, one of the ladies who ran the meetings was fond of the saying, “Food eaten in private shows up in public.” And it does, if people do a lot of secret/private eating and don’t burn off the excess calories at some point. Some fat people don’t like to sit and eat at a restaurant because maybe they’ve experienced dirty looks while trying to enjoy a hamburger, or whatever.

But it isn’t just a fat person problem.

People who feel too rushed to make a meal, or too lazy to prepare something healthy for themselves or their families are going to waste a lot of money on takeaways. It is not cheap to eat out or order in and what gets served is far from good for people, and often more than a person should feel compelled to eat in one sitting anyway.

Which can create a fat person problem where there wasn’t one.

I think everyone needs to rethink food habits. Figure out what’s a bad habit and work at replacing it with a good habit. This also includes me, I’ll admit. I’m bad for snacking after work instead of making a meal. I probably eat more calories with snacking than I would if I just made dinner. And I never seem to feel like I’m done if I’m snacking, whereas I would if I had a plate of food and emptied it.

Stuff to think about.

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