How long does adolescence last these days?

I found a stat in a book I’ve now lost track of that stated that George Washington was bossing people around by the age of 15 for good purposes, and that most of the people on the Mayflower were in the early 20s and girls were old maids by the age of 25 and people still live with parents into age 30 now, but usually guys.

Maybe I saw that on the internet somewhere. I’ll have to look later. For now, two links – one to the Vancouver Sun: “Young adults more likely to get angry” and a history of adolescence as a means of describing the years between 12 and 20 anyway.

Are we letting kids be kids for too long?

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3 Responses to How long does adolescence last these days?

  1. scientist says:

    adolescence is the time between personal maturity and societal maturity. Different people mature at different times for different things (for most cognitive tasks it ends ~ 25-29 but you start around 16).

  2. Dr. Daxa Vaishnav says:

    As a transitional stage of human development, adolescence is the period in which a child matures into an adult. Some describe adolescence as a period of “storm and stress”. A lot has been written and talked about the effect of adolescence on the mind and the body of the child.
    Parents also go through a lot of stress at this time. Here’s how parents may overcome this stress:

  3. 1minionsopinion says:

    Homeopathy is a sham.

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