OMNeG! Santa Claus Banned from Christmas Concert!

Oh My Nonexistent God! It’s the end of the world!

The district’s decree ordered that only selections such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Frosty the Snowman” would be allowed, with a complete ban on tunes about Jesus and even Santa Claus.

Holy crap! Save Santa! How can Santa be taken away from everyone’s secular enjoyment of a gift giving celebration? Santa brings so much joy to all the little kiddies who believe in him! He’s forever putting up with smelly breath and sticky fingers and wet spots on his trousers when he willingly sits for hours in a mall to be there for the children! Oh it’s a travesty!

Bring back “Up on the Rooftop!” This is a major disaster! What on earth will kids do at their schools’ winter concerts if Santa isn’t allowed to be a part of them!? No Santa should mean no reindeer games either, but weirdly enough, the school approved “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” for some reason. Santa is out, but a song that’s all about the Santafied traditions of this festive Giftmas season is allowed? And he’s even named in the song. I smell an even bigger scandal.

The law firm says the school’s ban was specifically aimed at preventing Christmas music, including simple instrumentals without words, during holiday concerts. As WND reported, the district had allowed the performance of traditional Christmas music for more than 60 years but in 2004 suddenly banned it.

The complaint was filed on behalf of Michael Stratechuk and his children in the district. The ban deprived the Stratechuk children the right to receive information and ideas, the suit asserts, an inherent corollary of their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and academic freedom.

Thomas More Law Center attorney Robert Muise indicated the case is not over. Muise said he will ask the Third Circuit to rehear it on both substantive and procedural errors. If denied, the Law Center indicated it will most likely appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

I wonder what that family has against Santa for why the kids of a whole school district are now stuck listening to the songs at home on their own time instead of during a concert intended for everyone, whether they believe in Santa or not. What a thing, and so close to Giftsmas.

They’re stuck singing about winter wonderlands and snow and cold weather, and it’s probably not even snowy or cold there. In the wintertime. Imagine that. And sleigh rides, too, I suppose – even though few kids will ever ride in one. Why are those still sung anyway? Oh right, tradition.

Ah well, whatever. If they want a winter concert without any reference to traditional holiday stuff, so be it. It’s not like they can’t get all that music at home anyway.

To finish, a cute winter poem I wish I wrote.

I made myself a snowball
Just as perfect as could be.
I thought I’d keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me
I gave it some pajamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then, last night it ran away,
But first . . . .it wet the bed!

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2 Responses to OMNeG! Santa Claus Banned from Christmas Concert!

  1. dorian says:

    oh no. the jolly old man’s gotta stay. who’ll drive the jingly sleigh, the elves? frosty the snowman? whoever made the decision to ban santa must have been disappointed by him as a little kid.

    nice little poem there. will check out the other poems!

  2. tmso says:

    Bah humbug! Get rid of the cads. Nothing but a bunch of pedophile losers. 😉

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