Quotable IDiot

So, a creationist film crew went to Galapagos this year to film a movie that can completely debunk Charles Darwin by showing just how wrong Darwin was when he made some very astute observations about that small archipelago cut off from the rest of the developing animal world.

“The subtitle of Darwin’s landmark book is often overlooked: “the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,'” Phillips observed. “Darwin’s ideas should not be celebrated on the anniversary of his book, for they have contributed to the dehumanization and murder of millions through the rise of Nazism, the proliferation of racism, Marxism, widespread abortion, and the horrors of eugenics.”

Favoured by natural ability, or an environmental/geological niche, not Aryan breeding processes. These ignoramuses need to stop preaching that tired fallacy but I know it’s the only argument they have, which is why they keep bringing it up. If they really want to freak out over the nature of eugenics, they should take it up with dog, cow, sheep, and horse breeders who manually designed every single one of those and tweaked traits for skill, milk, wool and power. Darwin looked at animals that had been isolated on those islands, away from the gene pools on the continent and marveled over the various ways each species adapted over there, in terms of food sources, etc.

You don’t even have to be alive a million years to see species adaptation in action. Richard Dawkins reports on an interesting thing in his recent book, The Greatest Show on Earth, about guppies. Back in the 1970s, a biologist by the name of John Endler studied the ones in Trinidad and the work was later redone and added upon by others to find links to sexual behaviour , and how adaptation and evolution are linked to mortality rates. In waters where death was likely, the females matured sooner and had a lot more young and the males were duller in colour to blend in with their surroundings more. In waters where risk was minimal, the females selected the best and brightest males to mate with since they didn’t need the camouflage to survive. And the differences between generations is noticeable within months when the risks are altered.

So anyway, about this movie.

The Mysterious Islands, a cinematically beautiful adventure film, was shot earlier this year and examines the same unusual creatures Darwin saw while on the Galapagos Islands and shows where he erred. Told through the eyes of 16-year-old Joshua Phillips, the documentary presents a remarkable quest to “Darwin’s Eden” with Joshua, his father, and a team of scientists and investigators, including Dr. John Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research.

Says Doug Phillips about the location itself,

“The Galapagos Islands are a showcase of God’s creation, not a laboratory for evolution, as Darwin claimed,” noted Doug Phillips, executive producer of The Mysterious Islands. “Our film captures the wonder of the intriguing flora and fauna of the Galapagos, even as it shows where Darwin went wrong in his observations. And we are excited to be able to show this contrast to audiences around the country through our new film.”

I wonder if any of them read Origin of the Species before going. I haven’t even read the book but I’m sure Darwin’s conclusions are far more accurate than anything these dunderheads are claiming.

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  1. Dr. Jim says:

    “Favoured races” hardly means what these dipwits thinks it means or are making it out to mean. If they can’t read 150 year old English in context they have no right to expect gentle treatment by their own audiences. More liars for Jesus.

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