This quiz claims I’m internetly younger than I really am.

For kicks I took an Internet Age quiz. Results:

Internet Age: 126.4 Internet years (*)
Internet Birthday: 4 September 2001

The asterisk is to let quiztakers know that internet time passes differently than real time, a fact I can attest to. Anyway, my birthday is all wrong here.

My first internet forays occurred in my first class on the University of Regina campus back in 1993. I had a course where I was required to email reports and assignments to my prof. It was on the now defunct MAIL> style setup that predated PINE. It had no way to inform you if your messages were received or just dropped into the ether. It was a pain in the ass and involved daily prayer to the internet gods that the stuff got to where it was going. I didn’t care for computers at the time and not just because of traumatic LOGO experiences years earlier.

In the fall semester of 1994, though, one of my friends was friends with a guy who was into mushes and moos. Another friend and I got in the habit of joining her in the computer lab those evenings just so we could see what the hell she was doing. I didn’t care for the gaming so Tankgirl showed me what Surfers was like and addiction to spodding fully set in.

It’s funny how I actually remember this part. She started out by chatting with a guy going by the name of Cunning. We found out some information about him that way and then she showed me how to log on and as Meerclar I started chatting with him, too. We didn’t tell him we knew each other so when I started performing a bit of “psychic” shit, he was totally taken in. I let him in on the gag soon after though. We were net-friends for several years before we lost touch and now I wish I could remember his real name. He’s probably on Facebook. My mother’s on Facebook.

I still spod on occasion but never to the extent I did back then. A couple hours and I’m good for a while. I don’t have close friends in EW-Too/Playground land anymore. There’s a lot more choice for communication now. I never did like browser-based chat but I had a couple ICQ numbers, tried IRC briefly and some IM but not often enough to make a habit of it.

I have one friend who met her husband in a chat room (9 years ago!), and another who found hers (four years ago?) via Instant Messenger but I’ve never had that kind of luck.

I could add more on this topic but you get the drift. I’ve been out and around for a while. I survived every encounter with the Lag Beast, no matter how heavy he stomped on my ‘net connections. I made friends I keep up with even though we’ve never met in person. And long ridiculous emails to far away love interests have got to be long deleted and disassembled by now so I rest comfortably knowing the Wayback Machine can never find them.

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