If it could happen in real life…

.. no wonder a cop would pull a gun on someone wielding a chain saw in a haunted house, hired help or no. KCRA.com reports:

Baltimore County police said Sgt. Eric Janik, 36, pulled his gun on a haunted house employee dressed up as the killer from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at the House of Screams show in Essex on Sunday.

Police told reporters with Baltimore news station WBAL that the employee approached Janik after the haunted house tour was over in a effort to get “one last scream.”

Instead, it was the employee that got a scare when Janik pulled his service weapon and pointed it at the Michael Morrison’s chest, authorities said.

“I was doing my normal scene at the haunted house, and as I was going out the back door with the chainsaw, the officer pulled his gun on me. Basically, he put his gun to my chest and as I was going back in, he said he was a cop,” Morrison, the man in the costume, told WBAL.

He said he dropped the chain saw, which had no chain and was not dangerous.

The cop was with his family and other police think he was drunk at the time. Fun night out for the kiddies, eh? They’ll laugh about it later. Years from now, I mean. Now, it looks like dear old dad’s gonna get a lot more time to booze up, if he can still afford any; he’s been suspended without pay until his hearing.

I wonder if the nine-year-old will grow up with a fear of lumberjacks now…

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2 Responses to If it could happen in real life…

  1. Word says:

    Humpf… I don’t think the copper would have pulled the gun on Mounthy Python. Maybe the haunted house employee should do the Lumber Jack scene instead?

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Mount the python? That’s not the kind of blog I’m running…

    I’ve never seen any Saw movies or Texas Chainsaw or anything like that. Not my tastes. A chainsaw won’t scare someone who doesn’t have a history of watching movies with chainsaw wielding villains. Like thinking wearing a hockey mask is going to conjure up images of Jason or Freddy and frighten little kiddies (see? I don’t even know).

    Fear is in the mind of the beholder, I think.

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