So they take away the kids of fat people now?

Interesting how these social workers worry more about the future health of a kid rather than how well a mother can mother. To them, I guess it’s all the same thing.

Social workers have moved to take into care a baby born to an obese mother.

The mother — who cannot be named in order to protect the identity of the children — gave birth by Caesarean section last week in a Dundee hospital but was told within 24 hours that she would not be allowed to keep the baby.

She has already had the youngest of her six children, aged 3 and 4, removed from her care because social workers feared that they were at risk of becoming obese. The 40-year-old mother weighed 23 stone before falling pregnant.

The parents originally contacted social workers themselves to seek help with managing their children, one of whom has developmental problems. At that time they had a toddler who weighed 4 stone and a 13-year-old boy who weighed more than 16 stone.

Okay, and since they warned the family about improving weight loss across the family and it wasn’t done, they’re justified in taking the newborn away.


The father said social workers had assured him last week that they would not go near the hospital and that he believed an interim report by Dundee Families Project recommending intensive support for the whole family was to be acted upon. He said he was “shocked and traumatised” that social workers had come into the labour ward and attempted to serve papers on his wife.

They said she could have access to the baby for 24 hours and that was it, so she just got out of bed and left.

A hearing tomorrow will discuss a social work application to remove the family’s remaining three children.

The family has already made two legal attempts to have the two children already taken from them returned and they were due to make a third appeal against the decision today.

Dundee City Council said: “Local authorities who are involved in the welfare of children have a legal duty to ensure they are protected from publicity that may have a serious effect on them and the council takes seriously this responsibility.

“We have made it clear on numerous occasions that children would not be removed from a family environment just because of a weight issue.”

But isn’t that what these social workers have done? My mom’s always been thin as a rail and I turned out to be chunky. I’ve seen wide moms with hyperactively thin kids, too. Food intake is only part of a lifestyle. Other bits seem to be built into the genes. I don’t get my figure from my mother’s side. I doubt my preference for quiet indoor activities comes from her either.

Were they just told to slim down or lose their kids without getting any support or training on how to change a very large (sorry) part of their lives? It’s not enough to just think you can eat more lettuce and the pounds will drop off. By this point, it’d mean drastically changing the way they shop for food, how they prepare it, how to judge portions, what they do when they aren’t working or in school. They’d need fitness training so they could learn how to ease into increased physical activity without hurting themselves and get encouragement to keep it up until their own desires to keep it up can take over.

What a sad, sad story. I think it sucks when intervention seems to be the only answer.

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  1. dorian says:

    this would never happen in the u.s. why? one out of ten people are obese!

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