Quotable holiday related comic

If a comic can be quoted…

shoebox halloween carols
(See more Chuck & Beans.)

This always bugs me, too. When I worked at Walmart, the crowds were seldom loud enough to entirely drown out the shitty ass Walmart Radio. My only joy was laughing over some of the selections like We Gotta Get Out of This Place and (Hang Down Your Head) Tom Dooley. The last year I worked there I heard a Christmas related tune in August. In August!

I mean really. We can’t get past Halloween first? Play Thriller. Play Monster Mash. The Lunatics are Taking over the Asylum. Somebody’s Watching Me. Rasputin. Toto Coelo’s I Eat Cannibals.

Anything but Christmas music. Cripes.

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2 Responses to Quotable holiday related comic

  1. Dr. Jim says:

    I heard an Xmas tune in a store already too. The worse ones are by pop/country stars who grossly overdo them. The best is by Mckenna-Mendelson Mainline: Don’t give me no goose for Christmas, Grandma.

  2. 1minionsopinion says:


    My least fave is “All I Want for Christmas (is my two front teeth” though. I can’t stand that one, and I’d hear it at least three times a day when I was there. That’s a lot of dislike.

    My favourite Christmas stuff is actually the jazzed up versions of the classic carols. No vocals, just variations on a familiar theme. Delightful.

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