Funky updates of the blogosphere kind

Ever hear of A Different Kind of Blog? I hadn’t, but the gang at ADKOB still felt compelled to offer me a chance to contribute my opinions to their blog.

They think they like me enough to suggest I’d like them, too. How cool is that?

But, faithful reader, don’t delete this link from your bookmarks or feeds or anything. There will still be exclusive fully minionated content available here, too.

Like my Friday Night Frights later on today. Don’t you dare miss that!

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3 Responses to Funky updates of the blogosphere kind

  1. dorian says:

    galileo led me to one minion so naturally the two blogs must align. three of the ADKOB authors met at a tina fey/sarah palin SNL video thread. a heated liberal and conservative debate was taken outside (we created the blog so we can duke it out some more). glad the one minion is obliging us.

    meanwhile , back at the ranch, the gang is slammin’ and clawing at each other again…tsk tsk.

    minion how’s about draggin’ one of your fright night stories over…

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    I could crosspost one, probably. I think I’d have to somehow edit the bejujubes out of it though. Surely you’ve noticed my ability to prompt the tl;dr response…

    Unless I can provide your side with the silly teaser and a (very) brief synopsis with a link to the whole kit’n’kaboodle over here? No sense in hogging all of your space for my silly sideshow attraction.

  3. dorian says:

    post the entire thing there too, there’s the “read the rest of this entry ” tool anyway where the post won’t take up the whole front page. that way post is in both sites. that way more readers will enjoy. you’re been promoted too author at adkob. let it rip!

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