Woodn’t you know it, the Virgin Mary still haunts a tree stump

I laughed enough over this back in July, but what the heck. Let’s see how the silliness has progressed, shall we?

Between 10 and 15 people gather in the grounds of St Mary’s Church in Rathkeale every evening and recite the rosary around the wooden stump, which received global attention during the summer months.

Chairman of Rathkeale Community Council, Noel White said it had been agreed by Parish Priest, Fr Joe Dempsey to leave the stump untouched.

“He (Fr Dempsey) agreed to leave it there. It’s not doing any harm and I think that is the sensible approach. Fr Dempsey did the right thing to leave it stand. It is up there for as long as it will last,” Mr White said.

Even Dennis Quaid stopped to see the flipping thing. Don’t encourage them, Dennis.

Sheesh. I’m sure much of the “global attention” came from people using stumbleupon and Digg and Reddit and other tools to have a look and mock the lunacy.

The really sensible approach would to pull the stump like they intended to in the first place and cut it for stoves or what have you. It’d be far more useful as toothpicks than it is now.

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