The “religious landscape” might be changing…

but it’s still really rocky and in some locations, likely insurmountable. But, are people who’ve turned to Yoga and away from their Christian faiths riding bulldozers? Garrett Sarley might think he does.

Sarley grew up Episcopalian, then was drawn to Catholicism. He loved the ritual, the repetition.

“The chanting of the rosary beads was very calming to me and very important in some way,” he said.

But it was not enough.

“I kept searching,” he said. “It’s like searching for water. Once you taste it, you know, you can sort of smell it on a spring day.”

Today Sarley is CEO of Kripalu, a huge yoga center, near water, in the beautiful hills of Western Massachusetts.

Every year, 30,000 people come here, many for extended retreats.

There was a Jesuit retreat on the same site at one point, long since closed. A recent internet poll led to results that suggested close to a quarter of respondents prefer to think of themselves as spiritual rather than religious. Seven out ten said they did believe in God, and more than 75% of them still pray. And half of how ever many took the survey claim they never attend service.

“I think people start to look for, ‘How do I produce the experience that I want from my religion, without having to adopt the beliefs that don’t seem to match, or don’t seem relevant, or don’t even seem consonant or resonant with how I’m living my life,'” Sarley said. “That’s why the Eastern techniques, particularly things like yoga, there’s . . . you don’t have to believe anything in yoga.”

While we are still among the most religious nations in the Western world, the Parade Magazine poll shows barely half of respondents practice the religion with which they grew up. Americans, it seems, have a tendency to customize belief.

Like those religious nutjobs who think Yoga is a direct line to Satan.

Yoga is evil

Someone in Lake Tahoe gave the book 4 out of five stars.

Many Christians are ignoring yoga’s spiritual roots in Hinduism and eastern religions. In some forms of yoga, (such as Hatha and Kundalini)– occult dangers may befall those who practice it. The Author cites; that with increased numbers of people practicing yoga & (eastern) meditation through ‘altered states; ‘self-realization’, and ‘spiritual awakening’, terrifying experiences are being reported.

In this book by Dave Hunt, he challenges the scientic claims used to support the practices of yoga, giving in-depth details of it’s spiritual roots, it’s relationship to reincarnation, and also cites hidden abuses. He is warning Christians to be discerning, and instructs the reader that the spiritual deception behind Yoga is comparable to the seductive lie of the serpent’s promised to Eve in the Garden. Genesis 3:5

And on the site where I found the book’s picture

Every Christian should be informed of the true origins and effects of the practice of yoga and its ungodly roots in Kundalini energy—which, literally defined, means an awakening of the “Serpent Power.”

Run, Christians. Run away! Be scared of a fitness program because you’re a superstitious loony screwed up melonhead! Faster! Be limber! Dive! Twist! Contort your way away from Satan’s reach! Oh’re not bendy enough to do any of that because you haven’t done any Yoga…

As an aside, I feel sorry for snakes. They sure are misaligned creatures. They’re very necessary and they never get much in the way of good press. Not only do they devour bugs and rodents, but research is showing that even their venom (nasty as that can be) can have many medicinal uses. The bible even tries to claim insects have four legs and apologetics have to dance around on their own two legs to justify it. Oh, but they didn’t count back legs as legs.. yadda yadda. How come you’ll correct misconceptions about locusts, but not snakes? Locusts ruin everything. If there are enough snakes around to cull their young, you may never have a locust problem again.

Edit — or does it have more to do with the fact that symbolism varies from place to place? For Hindus, snakes are worth worshiping:

Lord Shiva , The Great God of Hinduism, is wearing the God Nagarajan on his neck and Lord Krishnahas made the Snake God Adhisheshan as His bed in His home.

The Hindu people are believing that Snake Gods are associated with wealth and healthy life and they will act as great securities when the people meet difficulties in their life.

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  1. tmso says:

    Oh, dear me. The sad part is that this is so true. About ten years ago, I made the mistake of telling a devote Christian that I liked yoga. Just that. A simple statement: I like yoga. She looked like I had told her I f*cked the devil. Really. I thought she was going to faint. I never did mention I was an atheist…

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Oh, wow. That’s nasty.

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