Doll mysteriously ages, no one knows why

Yeah, it does sound ripe for an Outer Limits episode or something. The family had put the doll in the attic several years earlier and were unnerved to see how much the thing had changed when they were up there cleaning the place out.

The doll had aged and now had the face of a very old person. The skin was drawn back to an almost zombie like, or even mummified appearance. What makes it more unnerving to look at are the human qualities of it, particularly those eyes which appear to be staring straight at you.

What had caused this? Had, as the Express suggested “demonic forces set to work”?

Or was it like Dorian Gray’s portrait, and had withered and aged?

For whatever reason it had happened, the family were not keeping it and gave it away.

The family they gave it to later sold it for an undetermined amount of cash.

A quick hunt via Google gets me the Daily Express “article” Socyberty did not bother including a link for and it looks to be a promo for some ghost hunter style book.

My questions would be, what was the doll made of? Did anyone check? What were the conditions in the attic? Where’s the “before” picture? At the moment we only have their word that the doll started out looking like something else and became this. Call me skeptical but…

This is not investigative journalism. This is bunk.

I’m tempted to get the book now, though, if only to laugh at it.

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