Dan Brown lost faith because he loves science?

I’m finding out about it via Uncommon Descent of all places. Clive Hayden, author of the piece (I hesitate to call it journalism) quotes a bit from the original Parade article about Brown’s discovery of scientific theories and how they didn’t mesh with the Genesis tales his Episcopalian church was peddling:

It’s six days of creation in Genesis, not seven days. He should read Gerald Schroeder’s book The Science of God.

I’d like to ask our wonderful commenters to contribute other stories of notable people who have lost their faith as a result of materialistic/evolutionary presumptions in modern science.

I’m not going to include his link to Shroeder’s book but the emphasis on SIX was worth putting back in there. Yes, how dare Brown forget that god apparently rested after that long work week. Sucks to be him. I always get two days off.

I do not, for the life of me, understand how people can prefer that silly buggery over real honest to reality knowledge about the world and the universe. I don’t get it.

Puts me in mind of Emerald City. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain. There is no man. There’s a wizard. A magic man looking out for all of us. Better than a man in fact…Never mind that the wonderful wizard is merely a fabrication of a people who’d rather believe that than discover the very real fact that some little dude got lost on the way to somewhere else. Why he never corrected them, I’ll never know. Ignorance is bliss?

The world of Oz was a very funny place…

but we live in the real world. Science is here, not wizards. Scientists make it their life’s work to pull curtains back and see what’s hiding behind them. They don’t nail diplomas to their heads to show how smart they are. They earn them from a school of hard intellectual knocks. I’d trust their peer reviewed results before anything written down in that bible.

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