Quotable Kirk Cameron

I’m taking the quote out of Jim Emerson’s Scanners blog in an entry discussing Kirk’s involvement with Ray Comfort’s plan to bring their edited version of Charles Darwin’s classic to college campuses. Kirk believes their mission is vital because,

“One by one, we’re being stripped of our God-given liberties. Our kids can no longer pray in public.”

I like Emerson’s serious reply to this (what tyrannical state does Kirk live in?) but maybe it’s something simpler — maybe people these days are just more likely to think twice before they pull their portable prayer booths out in public. But sorry, Kirk — embarrassment isn’t liberty stripping, even if “bare ass” seems to be a part of the word.

It’s impolite, is the main thing. It’s like nose picking. You feel compelled to do it, you have that undeniable itch, but for goodness sake, don’t assume the whole world wants to watch you explore your innermost at the dinner table and then eat with those hands. Yick.

It’s not your rights to pray or read bibles or teach commandments being stamped out, we’re asking you to move over and make room for everyone else who might not want to do that kind of thing. Get your fricken holy elbows off the world’s table, people. You’re not the only folks in the world, no matter how much you might wish it, beg for it, pray for it. You’re not and you never were. You only thought you were.

Check out the rest of Emerson’s serious responses to Kirk’s loony outlook on Christian persecution in the good ole U. S. of A. It’s good eatin’.

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11 Responses to Quotable Kirk Cameron

  1. tmso says:

    Whoa. Scary. Both Kirk and the booth. So glad I’ve decided to live in the mountains away from all that craziness. Quick, run to the hills! 😉

  2. 1minionsopinion says:

    Failing that, run to Canada. We seem to be (fairly) immune to the crazy (although I hear Alberta has its fair share of creationist cuckoos. Hope they don’t migrate…)

  3. ektachrome says:

    Why do Christians listen to this guy? Because Kirk is a highly trained Biblical and Constitutional scholar? Because he’s spent his life studying the ancient languages and Biblical texts?

    I’ll answer my own question —

    They listen to Kirk Cameron because he was an ACTOR –!

    This is like having Wiliiam Shatner design the Space Shuttle.

  4. tmso says:

    Oh, now wouldn’t that be special! I, for one, would be the first to confidently step into a Shatner-designed Space Shuttle. 😉

    Good one. 🙂

  5. Would the doors go “Shhhhht! Shhhhht!”? That would be cool.

  6. Failing that, run to Canada. We seem to be (fairly) immune to the crazy (although I hear Alberta has its fair share of creationist cuckoos. Hope they don’t migrate…)

    Shamefully, we do. Not in the major centers like Calgary and Edmonton, but out in hick country they breed like rabbits. We have a fantastic paleontology museum (the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller) and not far away is a creation museum. By all accounts it’s pathetic, but the fact that its owner proudly displays his ignorance is a pretty sad state of affairs.

  7. 1minionsopinion says:

    I’d totally fly in a Shatner rocket. Could he be our rocket jockey? That’d top the scale of mega awesome. And he could serenade us in the lounge once we reach orbit…

    Gotta love that Shat, man.

    I’m trying to think if I’ve been to the Drumheller museum. I think we zipped in for a quick look around on the way through once but it’s certainly a trek I’d like to take again without my impatient parents along for the ride. Saskatchewan has a science center in Regina, and I think there’s some dinosaur related thing out by Eastend, where they found bones.

  8. The Eastend thing is where they found a big T. rex.

  9. 1minionsopinion says:

    Thanks. I should have checked what they found before I even replied. Scotty, they named him.

  10. dorian says:

    portable prayer booths? why should a private conversation with your god within be made public? i didn’t know they had to have a designated place to pray. whatever happened to the idea of an omnipresent god? like those things are conducive to praying? they’re like open porto-potties.

  11. 1minionsopinion says:

    I was being facetious about portable booths. Those kneelers are not movable, but they are pretty obvious.

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