Have you preordered Dan Brown’s latest?

I’m not going to bother, but it’s coming out in September – five million copies of it.

A letter came to our library regarding his new one, called The Lost Symbol. They’re going to treat it like the publishers did for the last Harry Potter book, allowing libraries to receive their copies well in advance of official release date so all the copies we get can be “released” to the public the very day the book itself goes on sale.

Quite a rigmarole required, though. The reply letter requires the library to indicate exactly how many people will handle the book, will there be security of any kind, probably a few more hoops to jump through before we’d get the go-ahead. There’s also some penality regarding the media getting alerted (does this count? Hope not), and fines if stuff gets to borrowers ahead of time. It’s a serious deal.

Dunno if our library will sign this one or let the title sit in its boxes until September 15th rolls around. I’m just a minion around here. Nothing to do with me until they’re in the door and I have to work on them. Before or after relase date won’t make a difference to my life, that’s for sure. I climb Book Mountain every day just to get to my chair.

I could understand for HP 7 because people were super insane to have it and see how Harry’s saga would finally end. Dan Brown though? Sure, people love conspiracies and anything that other people have said ought to be banned. But is his new work really going to be worth this buzz? I have my doubts.

I’ll be more curious to see if they track how fast the first run sells out compared to how fast HP 7 did.

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