Catholic law trumps human compassion

A nine year old girl in Brazil was (allegedly) raped by her step-father and now her mother’s under fire from the Catholic Church for getting her daughter an abortion, even though there was no way a nine year old child could have likely carried those twins to term. And the church isn’t just punishing Mom; the doctors involved will also be excommunicated.

Despite the nature of the case, the church had to hold its line against abortion, Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho said in an interview aired Thursday by Globo television.

“The law of God is higher than any human laws,” he said. “When a human law — that is, a law enacted by human legislators — is against the law of God, that law has no value. The adults who approved, who carried out this abortion have incurred excommunication.”

Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao rebuked the archbishop, saying, “I’m shocked by two facts: by what happened to the girl and by the position of the archbishop, who in saying he defends life puts another at risk.”

Abortion is illegal in Brazil, but some allowances are made for circumstances, i.e. when the mother’s life is at risk, the fetus would never survive anyway, or in cases of rape – so long as less than 20 weeks have passed. According to the article, she was at 15 weeks when the abortion was done.

The Church’s stance on this is not surprising, but cripes. She’s just a kid! No kid should have to go through that.

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