Palin says, “don’t do what I did…”

Bristol recently gave birth to her kid and saddled him with one of the dumbest names ever given a child. Now she’s preaching against teen pregnancy.

Bristol Palin said she “obviously discourages” teen pregnancy and knows that plans she previously made for herself will now forever be changed. “Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with – this isn’t ideal. But I’m fortunate to have a supportive family which is dealing with this together. Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can’t imagine life without him now.”

Why didn’t she “discourage” it ten months ago and make sure Levi had a condom on? Oh right, because Mom promotes abstinence-only education rather than encourage the use of birth control or other safe-sex alternatives. How does she feel about the Alaskan education system failing to save her daughter from a less than “ideal” situation? Blessed by God. So is sex before marriage a sin or isn’t it?

Yes, Bristol is pretty damned fortunate. She has two parents, one of which is in a very high government position and in no position to cause herself more bad press. This kid and her kid aren’t going to suffer through economic hardship like many other teen mothers would. This kid is going to get the best of everything, or near enough.

Results of a study of abstinence pledges have recently shown they have little to no effect on how much sex a teen ultimately has.

Rosenbaum matched students who had taken a virginity pledge with those who hadn’t. After five years of follow-up, those who had taken a pledge did not differ from teens who hadn’t taken a pledge in rates of premarital sex, oral or anal sex, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Teens who had taken a pledge had 0.1 fewer sex partners during the past year, but the same number of partners overall as those who had not pledged. And pledgers started having sex at the same age as non-pledgers, Rosenbaum found.

The study also found that teens who took a virginity pledge were 10 percent less likely to use a condom and less likely to use any other form of birth control than their non-pledging counterparts.

“Sex education programs for teens who take pledges tend to be very negative and inaccurate about condom and birth control information,” Rosenbaum said.

Obama, for the record, is on record as promoting contraception.

President-elect Barack Obama said while campaigning in April he has “consistently” talked about the need to take a comprehensive approach “where we focus on abstinence, where we are teaching the sacredness of sexuality to our children,” and “contraception has to be part of that education process.”

Obama does plan to reverse a policy that linked assistance for combating AIDS in poor parts of the world to requirements that health workers emphasize monogamy and abstinence from sex over condom use, said Susan F. Wood, co-chairman of Obama’s advisory committee for women’s health, in November.

Hopefully it can make some kind of difference.

I think every high school should have condom machines. I don’t know about junior highs, but since kids want to experiment at earlier and earlier ages, it’s probably worth considering. But don’t just provide the condoms, teach them how to protect themselves before they get into a situation where they’ll wish they did. Do more to encourage the use. Carol Carozza, the marketing V.P. of Lifestyle condoms (in Canada, I presume) came up with something unique:

“Gen X and Y were brought up with the condom vernacular. They know they need to use it, but they’re not experiencing the full message,” says Carrozza, who is in the midst of promoting Lifestyles’ condom-dispensing Make-out Booth, which is making its way through bars and nightclubs across the U.S.

“The idea is to reach people where they’re partying and hooking up. The booth takes your picture like the old-style photo booths, and dispenses free condoms,” says Carrozza.

“Twenty years ago, the idea never would have flown. In the late ’80s or early ’90s we had to take down posters just because they contained the word ‘condom.’ Today’s message has to be abrupt, in-your-face and relevant to young people’s lives.”

I know people would love to go back to a time when sex wasn’t relevant to young lives but it ain’t gonna happen. Pandora’s box is open and protection is the only hope.

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