God can’t mend a broken egg

So how could he fix Britain?

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, will speak to young drinkers in a city centre bar tomorrow.

The event, organised by Solace, a church group that meets in Cardiff pubs, will see the Archbishop pose the question: “Can God mend broken Britain?”.

It is hoped hundreds of people will attend Edwards on St Mary Street – which boasts a stretch of bars usually popular with hen and stag parties – for the discussion.

A question-and-answer session with Dr Williams will follow his address.

Wendy Sanderson, co-founder of Solace, said: “We’re hoping hundreds of people will turn up.

“I’ve been told the Archbishop is very excited about it. The Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, was a great success when he spoke at an event last year.”

So much for Ecclesiastes 8:15.

I’ve been on a few benders in my time, but since I have a fairly low tolerance for alcohol, it doesn’t take much. I did have many Sunday morning hangovers in university, though. Vodka in a bowl of fruit is cool – but don’t add apples, whatever you do. Also, my electric jello experiences were pretty memorable, but I never reached a point where I’d compare qualities depending on mixer.

Reading the rest of this article, it doesn’t actually sound like the Archbishop will be denouncing the sin of liquor while standing in a pub on a street that boasts a multitude of pubs. Previous events put on by this Solace group have included sex toys (for married couples only, though. Tsk and shame if you thought otherwise.) and “Archbishop of Wales, Dr Barry Morgan, was a great success” at some previous talk, too, but what he talked about isn’t mentioned.

I dunno. I think if I were nursing an ale at a pub and saw some church group making their way in, I’d pay my tab and stumble off elsewhere. Not just to save me from altercations, but to save them from me saying something rude.

Anyway, no I don’t think it’s possible for God to save England. Isn’t that what the ravens at the Tower are for? I think rather than looking toward a god to fix problems, people need to look at what they did to cause them, and what they could do to get themselves out of it. Expecting God to do it for you is like expecting your parents to clean your bedroom for you because you’ve given up and/or are too lazy to do it yourself and/or don’t know where to begin.

And when this god is incapable of fixing whatever it is they think needs doing, are they going to come at last to the realization that god doesn’t exist or will they wind up perpetuating the belief that whatever’s going on that seems bad must be actually good for the world if god doesn’t want to stop it from happening… All part of some plan we can’t see, praise the god… Don’t bother learning anything new, don’t bother changing laws or fixing things yourself. God will provide, and when he doesn’t it’s because he wants to see us suffer so we better love the other side when we die.

Why not look to thinkers, to philosophers, to economists, to people who’ve made it their life’s work to study society and social trends? Hell, why not ask these drunken kids how they’d improve the country and take their ideas under advisement? They’re the ones who’ll inherit whatever is left, after all. Shouldn’t they get a say in what they hope to get out of it once they’re finally in charge or something bigger than their mobile phone bills? I’m sure a lot of them wouldn’t want to leave it up to a god to determine their futures.

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