Saskatchewan’s little meteorite is not camera shy

Nice to see pictures of the meteor rock at scale. CBC’s report just had the rock in the mud with no way to tell big the piece is.

From The National Post:

Master’s student Ellen Milley was travelling with meteorite expert Alan Hildebrand south of Lloydminster on Thursday afternoon when she noticed some dark bits on a small frozen pond.

The first dark mass they investigated was a disappointment — it turned out to be a leaf. But the next one proved to be a cosmic treasure: a 250-gram piece of black space rock.

“It’s incredibly exciting,” said Ms. Milley, who found the meteorite fragment around 3:45 p.m. in a picturesque valley known as Buzzard Coulee.

“It’s a very unique opportunity, because not many meteorites are found in Canada.”

The father of a friend of mine had found a meteor rock on his land quite a few years ago. He’d been keeping it in his shed for a lot of years but a university eventually bought it for a tidy sum. I think Ian Mitchell will find his rocks have similar interest and cash value, assuming they find more than a handful of them. They figure there could be more chunks around his ranch, and surrounding property. Most hunting will probably have to wait until spring now, unless people are willing to hike through drifts in sub zero temps with metal detectors or whatever other tech tools might register space rocks. Unlikely. I’m sure that’s why Superman landed in Kansas instead.

Google maps can’t even find Buzzard Coulee, but Macklin’s on there, which is close. I see we also have a village called Primate. I had no idea. But I hadn’t heard of Buzzard Coulee before either. Learning something new every day. That’s the way to live.

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