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Corwin Springs, USA – They’re still ready for Armageddon at the Church Universal and Triumphant, a religious sect that for almost two decades has kept a bomb shelter stocked for 750 people deep in a forest near Yellowstone National Park.

I wonder how they’re planning on selecting who gets to go in. At its peak, there were 50,000 followers. They could be down to as little as 10,000 now. Would they do like Deep Impact and run a survival lottery?

Church leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet has been silenced by advanced Alzheimer’s disease. And her followers say they’ve given up the assault rifles and armored vehicles they amassed in the late 1980s _ part of a post-nuclear war “re-emergence” plan that brought national notoriety and a federal investigation.

Scrambling to stay current as it reaches its 50th anniversary, the church has transformed itself into a New Age publishing enterprise and spiritual university. But still in the background is its “insurance” against the end _ the shelter buried beneath a hillside on the sect’s 7,500 acre Royal Teton Ranch.

I thought it’d be worth a look at their site to see what fuels their passion. Turns out to be pretty much everything under the New Age umbrella, and everyone from Angels to Buddha, to Elohim (including Hercules) to Saint Germain.

The followers of Prophet, who wrote several books on sale through their site, are busy translating her work into 27 languages.

Those adherents say their mission is no longer to absorb Prophet’s message, channeled from on high, but to disseminate her words through books, CDs and online tutorial services.

With spiritual teachings now offered over the Internet, the long-term goal is to expand beyond the church’s “physical community” and create an “online community”, said its second co-president, Kate Gordon.

“It’s time to get in touch with Facebook,” she said.

They offer Summit University courses online. You can learn all about ascension (not the Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind) and cosmic law and for only $33 you can learn about the “unveiled mysteries”:

Unveiled Mysteries is the incredible spiritual adventure story of Godfre Ray King’s personal encounters with Saint Germain, including the visitation of ancient Golden Age civilizations in the Sahara, in the age of Mu and Atlantis.

Join Mother as she gives enlightening and fascinating commentary on this book and unveils new facets of Godfre’s amazing guided tour of the unseen, inner work of the Ascended Masters and their chelas.

One of the main reasons for the publication of Unveiled Mysteries, and Mother’s teaching on it, is to show us that the personal experiences Godfre had with the Master Saint Germain are also possible for each of us, if we diligently apply the teachings of Saint Germain.

As Mother takes you on a journey with Godfre and Saint Germain through each exciting chapter, prepare yourself to receive the initiations that Godfre received. Just as Saint Germain initiates Godfre and transfers his ascended master consciousness to him, so also does the Master anchor points of his consciousness in each of us as we choose to engage in this course with the Messenger.

Here’s more about the origin of Chelas and Theosophy. It’s hardly a new idea and has influenced a lot of New Age thinking.

I guess there’s no limit to the strange things people are willing to put their minds into believing.

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