Can you encourage the future while hugging the past?

In order to read the whole article, I’d have to buy a subscription. But there’s no way I’m going to pay for more of this:

Man carries Gospel coast to coast in covered wagon
By Kay Campbell

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. — Randy Boehmer’s ministry is powered by mule, sun and the Son of God. “I’m here for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ,” Boehmer says as he feeds the four Belgian draft mules that pull his covered wagon to spread the gospel. “And I’m trying to convince people who do not read their Bibles to read them.”

I wonder how that’s going to work.

The covered wagon angle reminds me — I just recently finished an entertaining book called October Skies by Alex Scarrow. It’s about two British independent film makers on the hunt for a ghost story in Wyoming who wind up uncovering the remains of a lost party of settlers that were on their way west. Julian Cooke finds a diary written by one of the men in the winter of 1856 and he and his associate convince the Parks official to hold off on announcing the find until he’s scanned the thing and they’ve done some research. They know it’ll make a far better documentary than the silly thing they were doing.

Once the journal is found, the story moves between the present day and 1856 where Ben, the author, describes what’s happening between him, the guides, and Preston’s group who left the Mormon Temple to start their own cult based on the Truth that Joseph Smith perverted.

That would be interesting enough, what with the murders and all, but Scarrow also adds a Mormon politician keen to win his way to the White House and his quest to find something else that might be hidden on the site – Joseph Smith’s original plates with the Word of God printed on them in a language only Nephi can read out loud. But, the politician has another secret he hopes to keep under wraps – his ancestry – and if he has to silence the researchers involved to do it, he will.

Doesn’t that sound good? It was good.

But, back to the article above. I guess the guy can do whatever he wants but I think ultimately his “blast from the past” approach will backfire. If he thinks he needs to revitalize people’s interest in Christ, he should show how it fits the future, not ride around like it was so much better in the past. This isn’t Little House on the Prairie and as much as people might pine for simpler times, they have to live with the complexities of now.

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  1. Alex Scarrow says:

    Saw your blog posting. Glad you enjoyed the book. It was fun to write…although, I’m worried that the Osmonds might be after me.

    Anyway, thanks for name-checking the novel.


    Alex Scarrow

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