Just in time for World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

It’s November 19th, just for a head’s up.

It’s too late to help this boy, though.

JACKSON, Miss. — Sheriff’s investigators in Scott County Friday night were trying to learn more about 4-year-old Austin Watkins’ starvation death.

Watkins was taken to a hospital about a year ago, police said, and detectives wonder if the claims that he was sick may have actually masked malnutrition.

The sheriff said on Friday that he’s looking over 16 WAPT’s stories, because some people to whom reporters talked may have known about the abuse and didn’t report it.

An insurance policy worth $10,000 was taken out on the boy, police said. The document was actually pinned to the wall of Watkins’ room.

The insurance policy was free from Gerber Baby Foods but would’ve paid $10,000.

It’s likely he hadn’t been fed in two weeks and might have been locked in a room or cage, according to the investigators. He was the only child in the house getting that treatment. The rest of the kids ate in front of him.

The three other siblings, ages 9, 6 and 2, are in foster care.

Mowdy and Bell have been charged with murder and felony child abuse, but those charges could be upgraded to capital murder — that means both could face the death penalty.

Lee said both women have denied any wrongdoing.

Nice, eh?

The RSPCA was set up in 1824 to prevent the cruelty of animals.

IPSCAN, on the other hand, celebrated 30 years in 2007. Prevent Child Abuse America started in 1972.

Better late than never, I guess.

It’s sick to think about what people are capable of sometimes.

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