It feels too early for holiday festive cheer

I’m glad I don’t work retail anymore. I never did like crowds and the Christmas mob always was the worst. The earlier I can get my shopping done, the better. I’m glad I don’t have many people to buy for.

I picked up a Johnny Cash CD for my mom so far, and a swiveling remote control holder for Dad. I want to get him a new radio, too and maybe get Mom a decent digital camera that’s easy to operate. That’s about it for my gift giving.

As to what I want, well, it gets harder to decide every year. It’s not like when I was ten and had a list a mile long. I think I’ll suggest Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke since I have the first two books and The Folklore of Discworld by Terry Pratchett because I own all of those, too. I’d kind of like a hand held blender thing, maybe. I cannot honestly think of anything else. I’m not into jewelery or make-up or perfume or fancy clothes. Shoes don’t thrill me. Am I an abnormal woman?

I wouldn’t mind if they got me Settlers of Catan but I wouldn’t have anyone to play it with. I have a whole closet filled with boardgames and cards and they never get played. My folks have more fun than I do. Every week they’re out playing Canasta and Whist and other games with the neighbours.

Sometimes I wish I were more social and keen on having company so I could do game nights. I’ve got Scene It here, too, and I think it’d be nice to have a few people around to play that sometime.

If anything, it’d give me a reason to clean.

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