What’s brown and sticky?

A stick.


Thought you were in for something gross there, didn’t you?

The Toy Hall of Fame recently introduced a stick into its museum, following the popular Cardboard Box which was inducted five years ago.

There’s a sweet little book by Antoinette Portis called Not a Stick and I’m almost surprised no parent has challenged this one and complained about the inherent dangers of letting children wave sticks around. They’re pretending to be wizards and knights. Or riding them like horses. They might get Other Ideas. Failing that, they might play Poke Somebody’s Eye Out, which isn’t as fun a game as it sounds. Prior to Not a Stick, Portis wrote a book about a cardboard box. Called, obviously, Not a Box. I haven’t read that one, but judging by how imaginative and clever the little pig is in the other one, I’m sure he comes up with some brilliant uses for it.

I’d say an imagination is one of the best toys a kid can have. I know I got a lot of use out of mine.

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