It’s not art if it doesn’t offend somebody somewhere.

Consider the crucified frog. Artistically without merit, frankly, but all it took was a few noses out of joint and the whole internet knew about protests over how sacrilegious people thought it was.

Now comes more news of the museum displaying Jesus with a hard-on. It’s one of a number of plaster sculptures part of the display but the only one that caused a case to be filed to have it removed. The court has said no legal actions will be taken against Gateshead’s Baltic because they had a sign outside stipulating the nature of the display.

“We have taken into account all the circumstances, including the fact that there was no public disorder relating to the exhibition and that there was a warning at the entrance to the gallery about the nature of the work on display.

“The case has therefore been discontinued.”

In layperson’s speak – it’s your own damn fault you saw it and got offended. You knew it was in there and you still went to have a look at Jesus and his penis.

If he existed, he had to have had one, gang. He wasn’t a Ken Doll. And for all we know it was John the Baptist that got his linen underpants all bunchy. There’s a lot we don’t know about Jesus. We will never know everything about him, any more than you will ever know everything about your own grandfather.

Anyway, I don’t “get” art. I like many artists, mind you. Salvador Dali is a favourite of mine as is Monet and Hieronymus Bosch. But, when it comes to sculptures, give me the classics. None of these weird tangles of metal or lumps of wood or stabiles (although Alexander Calder made some cool ones, I’ll admit that).

Oh, and I like steampunk art but I have no idea why.

Maybe I don’t understand the passion to construct a thing that has no use beyond aesthetics. Sure, there are people that build funky chairs out of strange materials, but a lot of stuff seems to have no purpose beyond catching the eye and upsetting the easily embarrassed.

I just don’t get it the reason it exists.

If you know, illuminate me.

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