Why is numerology appealing?

After reading about a funny lottery result (funny for people not afraid of 666 anyway) I got to thinking about the power numbers have.

On a whim, I found a free numerology reading site and plugged in my birth name and date just to see what it’d churn out:

The influence of your Day of Birth;
You were born on the 25th of the month, which makes your birth number 7.

To characterize your life as a little frantic is to seriously understate the case. As a girl, you might have been a bit high strung, although others may have merely regarded you as quiet, judgmental or critical. Many things that happened made a deep and lasting big impression on you. As an adult, you may combine aloofness with sudden bursts of chatter that could confuse people you’ve only just met.

Already this thing is a flawed reading. I’ve never been high strung and my life couldn’t be duller if I tried. I’ll go with the judgment and critical idea though, and the chatterboxing, but that’s only because I do spend an absurd amount of time working solo and sometimes I have a very high word quota that simply needs to be met. It’s not usually aimed at strangers, though, and I’m sure they’d thank their lucky stars.

No, there is NOTHING wrong with you! Your unusual combination of numbers makes you more psychically aware than the average woman. Your nervous energy probably doesn’t help much either when it comes to dealing with others. I’m sure you’ve felt misunderstood more than once in your life.

Psychic, my lily-white ass. Once in a while it feels like I’ve anticipated my mother calling before she actually dials the phone but I’m sure that’s more a Pavlov thing. She’s the one who calls more than anyone else so if the phone rings, it’s 98% likely my mother’s on the other end.

Your Destiny number;
To those who know you, you’re as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar! You’re a 100 percent reliable and trustworthy woman.

The reason why you have your feet on the ground 24 hours per day is that you’re under the influence of a 4 Destiny. Women with this Destiny are sensible, hardworking and live life with integrity.

In fact, you probably adhere to that old saying, “Honesty is the BEST-and ONLY-policy!”

In order to fulfill your destiny, it’s important to accept that there are certain things you must be, do, and accomplish in your life. As a woman with a 4 Destiny, your mission in life is to create permanence in situations and to turn dreams into reality. Your major goals are to improve and reform.

I agree that I’m reliable and trustworthy and I do think honesty is better than a tactful lie, but I think that destiny is something that belongs in Star Wars. Not that having dreams and achieving them is impossible – every day there’s proof of people succeeding beyond their wildest dreams. But I don’t think it’s right to claim a person is destined for anything. Predestination leaves nothing to be proud of. I’d rather have the choices, even if it turns out I chose wrong.

Your Life Path’s influence;
Are you a woman who’s always sensed you were born to be THE BOSS? When it comes to leadership roles, do they just fall into your lap, whether you want them or not (even though deep down, you know you ALWAYS want to be queen!)?The reason that you almost always seem drawn to climb to the top of the heap-and that it’s easy for you to get there! — is that you’re under the influence of a 1 Lifepath.

Now I know this is wrong. See the http, peeps. 1 minion. Not Boss of the Whole Damned Universe. I avoid stressful situations. I have never aimed for positions of power, be it class president or actively running for office. No way would I do that. I don’t even feel like being responsible for one underling let alone an entire company of them. Maybe deep down this is part of why I had to switch majors in university – can’t be a decent teacher if you’re uncomfortable in a leadership role. Cats walk all over me. What would kids have done?

Your Intuitive Plane;
When others start to get carried away with far fetched ideas and impractical schemes, you’re the gal who quickly brings everyone down to earth. Mixed in there with your common sense approach to life is a generous dose of SKEPTICISM.

You feel much more comfortable making decisions based on “just the facts” — not hunches or fake feelings.

Wow, finally something useful. Yes. Yes! This is totally me!

Generally speaking, you don’t do anything without having a darned good reason for doing it. You are forever rationalizing your behavior. For example, you would justify the purchase of a new car in terms of gas mileage, warranties, rebates, etc. — very practical benefits. But you would NOT readily admit to having any strong feelings on the subject.

Isn’t it better that way? Better to think things through than spend foolishly? Yeah, some days I wish I were spontaneous and could just up and take a trip somewhere for the hell of it but I like plans. I like schedules. I like research. I can handle the unexpected mostly because I make room in the plans for it. Most of life is unexpected.

As to the “strong feelings” idea, I guess it’s right to a point. I don’t like to make a big deal over what I think on issues (beyond this blog). Chalk it up to being a Libra (for all that means) but there’s often valid points on every side that need to be weighed. I get the points YECs are trying to make, for example, but the scientific answers to our origin carry more weight so ultimately I lean that way. For other topics, though, sometimes there just isn’t enough information to make snap judgments and you can’t debate the validity of an idea if you don’t really understand it.

Your self-control is admirable – there’s really very little room for improvement in that area. You see yourself much as others see you – as an objective and CAUTIOUS woman. “Better safe than sorry” are the words you live by.

It’s as good a motto as anything. Dad’s fond of ABC – Always Be Careful. Five or more books worth of Darwin Awards is pretty much proof that stupidity kills, or at least amusingly maims. There was a version of “My Bonny Lies over the Ocean” that was really popular when I was a kid:

My Bonny looked into a gas tank
But nothing inside could he see
So he lit up a match to assist him
Oh, bring back my Bonny to me

So, other “enlightenments” off this reading:

Personality number 9: I appear generous and tolerant and positive to people who know me because I’m “idealistic, impressionable and EXTREMELY kind.” I’m “simply terrific” but I don’t think I needed this silly thing to tell me that. Yes, my self-esteem is not suffering at the moment. I also see all sides of an issue (I already mentioned)

My Soul Urge influence is a 4 — the trouble with numerology is how they assign the numbers. I’ve seen some tables that allot numbers to letters and then you add up the numbers and if you wind up with a number like 47 you add the 4 and 7 together, and then do the same to the 11 to get the ultimate single digit number that corresponds to you name. I’m sure this site has its own tabulation table unique to whatever company wants me to pay for a life altering reading. Which I will, of course, not do.

Deep down, where it counts, you’re a firm believer in the work ethic and in an “honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” You’re not one to be caught complaining about working overtime, because accomplishments in the real world and the material gain that follows in their wake mean a lot to you.

I’m not allowed overtime, but I agree on the work ethic. I’ve always liked, “Find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” which Confucius gets the credit of saying. I have the job and I enjoy working it. It’s about damned time. I’ve picked cucumbers, I’ve worked Wal-mart (too much, too long), I’ve packed hinges and bolts, I spent part of a summer in a flipping clown suit waving at cars on hot days and had people throwing bottle caps at me. I love the library.

Keep in mind that the path to happiness is more than just monetary riches. Think about a life in which you awaken each morning to greet the day with a smile because you KNOW good things will happen to you! Picture yourself experiencing such a day in which all your spiritual and emotional traffic lights are green, allowing you to sail through the day with no roadblocks!

I already do that. Every day’s a good day and an extra few hundred a month might make them better days but it’s not necessary. I’m content as it is. I’m in a better situation than so many people and it’s something I’m often thankful for. I could be on welfare. I could have three kids and three different fathers for them. I could be in jail or on the streets or addicted to drugs but here I am. Happy, safe, and listening to the Watusi.

It’s a good day.

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