Oregon town elects first ever transgender mayor

How’s that for good news? Stu Rasmussen was recently on Good Morning America talking about this, according to the article from ABC:

Rasmussen told “Good Morning America” that the town went through the transition with him.

“Obviously, it was shocking to them,” he said. “We all kind of went through it together. It was pretty obvious I was making a change, it had to happen in my head. They were ready before I was.”

In a world where politicians can catch serious criticism for simply not wearing an American flag lapel pin, Rasmussen knew he was going to face a challenge.

“I think the first courageous act was coming out in the first place,” he said. “The community was very receptive and accepting, with a few exceptions.”

There’s always exceptions, but I’m glad s/he got the votes and the support. It looks like this is the second term for Rasmussen so obviously they feel s/he’s capable of getting the job done no matter what s/he looks like.

It’s a small step on a very long road, but at least some people want to move forward…

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