“My Little Methlab, isn’t the world a lovely place”

Running and skipping; merrily tripping
Watching the morning unfold
My Little Methlab, My Little Methlab
What does the future hold?

The future holds some big questions for a Kansas day care.

State officials have suspended the license of a home day care in Gardner after police took the owner’s adult son into custody on a charge of domestic battery and found evidence of a possible methamphetamine lab in the home, authorities said.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issued an emergency order of suspension against the day care operated by Patricia D. Parker, according to a news release from the department.

I’ll let my ignorance out for a walk here; it needs some exercise. I don’t get the deal with meth. Why do people willingly ingest it or shoot it or smoke it or whatever fuck they do to get that poison into their bodies? Is the high that good? Is the craving that bad? Is the resulting paranoia and brain damage worth it?

Looking at the list of shit they put in it, how did anyone have the balls to take the first hit? Why doesn’t it cause instant death? Is the dose of each poison too minute to kill that fast? I can’t imagine doing this:

In some cases, abusers forego food and sleep while indulging in a form of binging known as a “run,” injecting as much as a gram of the drug every 2 to 3 hours over several days until the user runs out of the drug or is too disorganized to continue. Chronic abuse can lead to psychotic behavior, characterized by intense paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and out-of-control rages that can be coupled with extremely violent behavior.

I don’t get it, and I don’t know how I’d deal with a child or friend who was hooked on it. All I can do is hope I never have to.

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